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Best Bleacher Workout for Beginners


Love going to the gym? If you do, you probably also appreciate that it can get monotonous . This is why it is important to switch it up every now and then with some outdoor activity. This is particularly appealing when the sun is out. Breathing in the fresh air and the sun kissing your skin as you work out makes you feel alive and re-energized. Running bleachers is a great way to work out when you need a change of environment. Most schools have a set of outdoor bleacher seats where you do your workouts. Below we go over the best bleacher workout for beginners.

Intervals Plus Abs

Start by warming up for about 5 minutes. Now start running up and down the bleacher steps at about 70% intensity. Do this non-stop for 5 minutes. Increase the intensity and run up and down the steps as fast as you can for only a minute and then stop. Do a side plank pose on the steps and hold for up to 2 minutes for each side. Repeat three times and then take a rest.


Start off by doing some warm up exercises. Now put your feet together and jump up the bleacher steps while keeping your feet in this position. Jump one step at a time until you get to the stop. Now do side shuffles across the bottom till you get back to the starting position. Do this until you’re tired. These plyometric exercises help strengthen your muscles and improve reaction time. This is a great workout for skiers, boxers, tennis players, soccer goalkeepers and basketballers. It is also a great bleacher workout for beginners.


Jog around the track to warm up a bit. When you’re done, climb up the bleacher seats while lunging with every step. Keep your feet hip-wide and step forward into a lunge making sure your front knee is just behind your toes and your rear knee bends towards the steps. At this point, both your feet are bent and you’ve dropped your weight down. Make sure to keep your chest up and your front heel flat. Only stop when the front thigh is parallel to the ground and your hind knee is in line with the front heel. Take the next step. Do this until you get to the top.


Jog up and down the bleacher steps for a few minutes. Pick up speed and run at a 70% intensity for about 3 minutes. End your run at the bottom of the steps and immediately get into a push up position. Do as many as you can and then stand up and run up and down the bleachers again maintaining the 70% intensity. Stop at the bottom again and do as many tricep dips as you can off the bench. Repeat the 70% intensity run for 3 minutes. Stop at the bottom and do abdominal knee tucks using the bottom seat. Repeat the circuits and rest at intervals. This is a very effective workout since it involves cardiovascular development and resistance training.  You will also get to burn a ton of calories while you’re at it.

While the above are some of the best bleacher workouts, they are not recommended for those with balance issues and vertigo.