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6 Free Fitness Apps To Track Your Exercise – Mobile Apps For Fitness Freaks!

Smartphones have many useful applications especially when it comes to health and fitness. Android smartphones have sensors that can collect essential data about your workouts.

Not only can these be motivational, but they can also help you lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and gain muscle mass. Several mobile apps can guide you through home workouts, and provide training techniques.

Below is a list of the best Android fitness apps that can track your workouts:

1. Runtastic Running Distance & Fitness Tracker


Runtastic is an excellent workout tracker for those who enjoy regular exercise. The GPS component tracks your jogging, running, biking, or walking routes.

Runtastic uses the information to create detailed tables and graphs that reflect your progress. It is not limited to the outdoors.

You can also use Runtastic to track your exercise on a treadmill. It can boost your confidence through the use of a voice coach and allows you to set goals.

2. Google Fit- Fitness Tracking

With Google Fit, sensors are used to track your activity. You can also use the mobile app to record any exercises you have performed that day.

It is used to track your route, pace, speed, and elevation in real time. Google Fit also lets you set personal goals regarding your daily steps, distance, time, and calorie burn.

3. Nike Training Club- Workouts & Fitness Plans

This training app is free with no required in-app purchases or advertisements.

It features over 160 workouts that focus on mobility, strength, and endurance from beginner to advanced. There are workout routines that can specifically target the abs, shoulders, biceps, etc.

You also can stream the app via Chromecast, Apple TV, or an HDMI cable. You can track any fitness activity including playing basketball, running, or cycling.

4. Runkeeper- GPS Track Run Walk

Using your GPS, Runkeeper can track your fitness activities and your stats using the Android Wear smartwatch.

It can calculate your route distance, calories burned, running pace, elevation, and cycling speed. It provides you with a detailed history of your recorded workouts.

5. MapMyFitness Workout Trainer

MapMyFitness has over 600 types of tracking exercises including cycling, walking, running, yoga, cross-training, gym workouts, and more! Each workout is tracked by GPS and includes voice feedback that is customizable.

You can track your calories, weight, and create a diet and nutrition plan. Your workouts are mapped, and you can save your favorite routes. You can receive feedback based on your stats to help improve your performance.

MapMyFitness also allows you to share your progress with family and friends.

6. JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Planner

JETFIT is a free fitness and gym tracker that offers over 1300 exercise routines to help you stay fit. There are no in-app purchases required or annoying ads.

The exercises include animations to teach you exactly how to perform them. It contains a resting timer, goal setting, progress reports, fitness tracking, and workout logs.

It works online and off and allows you to sync your data with the cloud.